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1536: The Year that Changed Henry VIII [9780745953328]

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One of the best-known figures of British history, collective memory of Henry VIII presents us with the image of a corpulent, covetous, and cunning king whose appetite for worldly goods met few parallels, whose wives met infamously premature ends, and whose religion was ever political in intent. 1536 - focusing on a pivotal year in the life of the King - reveals a fuller portrait of this complex monarch, detailing the finer shades of humanity that have so long been overlooked. We discover that in 1536 Henry met many failures - physical, personal, and political - and emerged from them a revolutionary new king who proceeded to transform a nation and reform a religion. A compelling story, the effects of which are still with us today, 1536 shows what a profound difference can be made merely by changing the heart of a king.
AUTHOR: Suzannah Lipscomb is Research Curator at Hampton Court Palace. She read her D.Phil at Oxford in Early Modern History and is heavily involved in various events to celebrate the 500th anniversary in 2009 of Henry VIII's ascension to the throne, including an exhibition at Hampton Court Palace and a number of lectures and debates.
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Suzannah Lipscomb
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