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2018 Bestsellers


The top releases from 2018, as chosen by our customers!


1 Paul: A Biography
Tom Wright
CRT's Book of the Year 2018! The life and thought of Paul and the Roman world in which he preached his revolutionary message impacting both the Church and the world. Regarded as the founder of Christianity, Paul is one of the most controversial and powerful figures in history. His writings continue to guide the lives of over two billion Christians across the world today. In this detailed biography Tom Wright traces Paul's career from zealous persecutor of the fledgling Church, through his journeys as the world's greatest missionary theologian, to his likely death as a Christian martyr in the mid 60s AD. Drawing on the latest research into the Jewish, Greek and Roman worlds, and enriched by insight into Paul's writings, this is a rounded portrait of Paul, his development, motivations, spiritual struggles and intellectual achievements.
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2 Just This
Richard Rohr
A collection of brief and evocative meditations and practices that invites us to cultivate the gift of waking up to the beauty of reality in all its glorious ordinariness. With his signature blend of contemplation, theology, and pastoral sensitivity, Fr Richard Rohr creates a spaciousness for the soul to grow into a kind of seeing that goes far beyond merely looking to recognising and thus appreciating. This is the heart of contemplation, the centerpiece of any inner dialogue that frees us from the traps of our perceptions and preoccupations. The contemplative mind does not tell us what to see; it teaches us how to see what we behold..
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3 Reimagining Britain
Justin Welby
In a time of political turbulence and a country that has changed almost beyond recognition, Justin Welby draws on Christian teaching to identify the values that will enable us to reimagine and enact a hopeful future. What are the building blocks for reimagining "British Values"? How can they be implemented in a post-Brexit, multicultural country? A changing nation either happens by accident with no direct focus or, with intent, love and perseverance. This new book from Archbishop Justin Welby is a call for Christians to contribute to a changing culture. It is an encouragement to live and act with an intent to help shape and build a Britain based on Christian tradition but adapted to reflect the needs of today. From health and housing, to culture and sustainability, this is an in-depth look at social issues and Christianity's place in it.
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4 A Field Guide to the English Clergy
Fergus Butler-Gallie
Judge not, lest ye be judged. This timeless wisdom has guided the Anglican Church for hundreds of years, fostering a certain tolerance of eccentricity among its members. Good thing, too. The `Mermaid of Morwenstow' excommunicated a cat for mousing on a Sunday. When he was late for a service, Bishop Lancelot Fleming commandeered a Navy helicopter. `Mad Jack' swapped his surplice for a leopard skin and insisted on being carried around in a coffin. And then there was the man who, like Noah's evil twin, tried to eat one of each of God's creatures... In spite of all this they saw the church as their true calling. After all, who cares if you're wearing red high heels when there are souls to be saved? This is a compendium of diverse eccentrics, pirates, prelates and adventurers; all Anglican, some even practising!
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5 Being Human
Rowan Williams
What is consciousness? Is the mind a machine? What makes us persons? What does it mean to aspire to human maturity? These are among the fundamental questions that Rowan Williams helps us to think about in this deeply engaging exploration of what it means to be human. The book ends with a brief but profound meditation on the person of Christ, inviting us to consider how, through him, 'our humanity in all its variety, in all its vulnerability, has been taken into the heart of the divine life'.
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6 Enjoying God
Tim Chester
We believe in God, we serve God, we trust God, but would we say that we experience God on a day to day basis? Do we really know him personally? What exactly does a relationship with God look like, and how is it even possible? In this seminal work by Tim Chester, we’ll see how the three persons of the Trinity relate to us in our day-to-day lives and how to respond. We’ll discover that as we interact more with God, and understand how awesome he is, we will experience the joy of being known by the creator of the universe. Every Christian will benefit from discovering the key to enjoying God in every moment of everyday..
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7 Hear My Heart
Billy Graham
Billy Graham preached to more people in live audiences that anyone else in history. His lifelong message, his passion for the gospel, and his compassion for people still echo in Hear My Heart. This intimate work - a compilation of articles that spans Billy's ministry from 1955 to today - invites you to hear in his own words the things that made his heart beat faster. The biblical convictions he abided by. The reasons and regrets behind some of his decisions. And the wisdom he gained in his ninety-plus years on this earth. Includes stirring tributes from those who knew him best - including members of his family, his friends, and his co-labourers in ministry - and features a special afterword by Rick Warren about Graham's lasting influence in his life. These are Billy's final words to us all. This is his legacy - the personal exhortations he left our generation and the next as the most-needed reminders for our time.
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8 Staying in the Boat
Jeff Lucas
A collection of some of Jeff's most profound wisdom to date. From over 40 years of Christian ministry experience to choose from, Jeff considers some of the lessons he has learned (and is still learning) along the way - particularly, some of the things he could have done with knowing earlier. As you consider some of the things that God might be teaching you, learn from Jeff's wisdom in his renowned style - blending together humour, depth, brutal honesty and grace.
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9 The Art of Rest
Adam Mabry
For some, resting seems like a waste of time — it means we're missing out. For others, rest seems like a luxury — there's too much to do. Almost all of us crave rest but don't always know how to. This warm, realistic, humorous book shows us the huge spiritual, emotional and physical rewards of rest. Rest gives us time to spend with God and remember His grace. Discover how rest fuels our joy and confidence in God's sovereignty as we learn to depend on Him, and not our own efforts, and are refreshed by the power of the Spirit. Discover how rest helps us make space for relationships; how it liberates us from the pressure of self-reliance; how it gives us a chance to think; and how it stops us from burning out. Finally, this book casts a realistic vision for rest that is less rule and more rhythm,less restriction and more a liberating art form. Learn the 'art of rest' with this practical advice. The world never stops. But we need to, and can, by having faith to hit pause and experience the rich rewards of God-given rest.
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10 The Shattering of Loneliness
Erik Varden
Loneliness is as universal as hunger. Because it affects us intimately, we rarely speak of it, but who hasn't known its ache? The fear of loneliness causes anguish and prompts recklessness. To this, every age has borne witness. No voice is more insidious than one that whispers in our ear: 'You are irredeemably alone, no light will pierce the dark.' The fundamental statement of Christianity is to convict that voice of lying with the certainty that the source of everything is in communion with us. We're made in God's image and bear the mark of that original communion in our being. When our souls cry out it's not a sign of sickness, but health. A cry Scripture exhorts us to remember, a remembrance that's part introspective and existential, and part historical as God's communion leaves traces in history. This book examines facets of remembrance with biblical exegesis and literature readings on what it means to be human.
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Music & DVDs

1 Courage CD
Stuart Townend
Stuart's first album for 4yrs, and contains some of his most powerful work to date. Containing a whole host of great new congregational songs, at the same time it explores some deep issues pain, loss, mental health and includes the moving song Keep you here from the video about his brother Phil s journey with cancer. This is Stuart s first album for four years, and contains some of his most powerful work to date. 'So why is it called Courage? Recent events & situations (including the death of my brother) have had a big impact on me personally, and on my writing. And the word that has kept coming back to me is COURAGE: courage to face my own pain, to share my pain, and to sit with the pain of others.'
RRP £12.99   ASLAN £10.99   (You save £2!)     More info
2 Paul: Apostle of Christ DVD

Paul went from the most infamous persecutor of Christians to Christ's apostle. As Paul spends his last days in prison awaiting execution, Luke risks his life to visit him and resolves to write about The Way and the birth of what will come to be known as the church. Their faith challenged an empire. But their words changed the world. This is a cinematic dramatisation of Paul's journey.
RRP £12.99   ASLAN £10.99   (You save £2!)     More info
3 Same Kind of Different As Me DVD

Based on a true story, successful art dealer Ron Hall (Oscar nominee GREG KINNEAR) and his wife Debbie (Oscar winner RENÉE ZELLWEGER) seemingly have the perfect life. But when their faith and family are tested, an unlikely bond with a homeless drifter leads them on a remarkable journey that forges an everlasting friendship.
RRP £12.99   ASLAN £9.99   (You save £3!)     More info
4 I Believe DVD

9yr old Brian has an encounter with God that sends him on an adventure despite opposition, especially from his father, an atheist TV newscaster. With allies in a pastor and a wounded U.S. Marine, Brian's pure and innocent faith brings about manifestations of God's power that become breaking news!
RRP £12.99   ASLAN £10.99   (You save £2!)     More info
5 Holy Roar CD
Chris Tomlin
As the songwriter behind the worship favourites How Great Is Our God, Our God, and Whom Shall I Fear, Chris Tomlin s songs have been a large part of the collective voice from the church for years. Holy Roar is a response to that collective voice. Featuring Resurrection Power and the new single Nobody Loves Me Like You, this brand-new album has songs written specifically for the church that run the spectrum of worship from personal reflections to shouts of praise. Coming alongside Holy Roar is the re-release of the book of the same name, co-written by Tomlin and Darren Whitehead.
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1 Good News Bible - Compact

The bestselling Good News Bible combines a trustworthy translation with a clear, readable style. This pocket edition is easy to carry for personal use. Extra features have been written especially for those who are new to Bible reading: All-new book introductions (now with many illustrations by Annie Vallotton, how to find Bible references, suggested ways to read the bible, 100 famous stories, and where to find help in the Bible. Plus maps, glossary and an index. A handy compact 10 x 15 x 3cm size.
RRP £10.99   ASLAN £8.85   (You save £2.14!)     More info
2 The Bible for Everyone
John Goldingay & Tom Wright
Why another translation of the Bible? As Tom Wright observes: `Translating [the bible] is something that each generation ought to be doing. Just as Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread, we can never simply live on yesterday's bread, on the interpretations and translations of previous generations.' The Bible for Everyone is the result of a passionate conviction that scripture should be something that everyone can read, understand and enjoy. Two world-renowned Bible scholars and communicators have therefore undertaken a tremendous task: to draw together, revise and supplement the translations that appear in their popular `For Everyone' commentaries, making a rounded, readable and reliable version of the Bible that will prove helpful to people of all religious backgrounds at every stage of their lives. Broken up into easy-to-read, bite-sized chunks, and including helpful introductions to each biblical book plus informative maps and a substantial glossary of key words, here is a compelling new rendering of ancient wisdom that can be read like a novel, studied in sections or used as an aid to daily devotion.
RRP £25.00   ASLAN £13.99   (You save £11.01!)     More info
3 Good News Bible - Youth Edition
Developed using the ideas and feedback of young people through its production, this youth edition GNB features elements of journalling, as well as its own YouTube playlist with 30 videos to help further unpack and explore key themes and issues raised in the Bible. Key Features: Links to a dedicated YouTube playlist with 30 videos unpacking themes found in the Bible; over 400 interactive elements throughout the Bible, to inspire you to dig deeper; single-column, 2-colour copy, helping to break up the text and leave room for writing, doodling and drawing; full-page introduction to every book of the Bible, showing what it's all about and how it fits into the bigger story; 32 full-colour pages of key things to know about the Bible, help with tough topics,and journalling space.
RRP £19.99   ASLAN £13.31   (You save £6.68!)     More info
4 The Infographic Bible
Karen Sawrey

The most popular book of all time, revolutionised for a modern generation. Billions have found solace, meaning and wisdom in the Bible. But it can be a difficult book to engage with and understand. This pioneering new book is the Bible as you never seen it before, using powerful infographics and data sourced by experts, to communicate the key biblical themes and narratives through diagrams and charts. Rather than providing a word-by-word translation, this Bible focuses on the meta-narrative, key points and themes, all in visual form, giving you insight into the bigger story and helping you understand the complex or abstract themes in a relevant way. By showing connections between the Old & New Testaments, you will find a deeper and more memorable insight into of Scripture. A fascinating and unique book that will appeal to Christian and non-religious readers alike and provide unexpected insight into the most important book ever written.
RRP £25.00   ASLAN £18.00   (You save £7.00!)     More info
5 NLT New Living Translation (Anglicized) - Popular (Portable) Edition - Dove

The New Living Translation is an authoritative version of scripture, rendered faithfully into today's English by an international team of over 90 leading biblical scholars. The translation conveys the message of the original texts in clear, contemporary language. Its guiding principle is to render words and phrases as simply and literally as possible when that approach yields an accurate, consistent and natural English text, thus preserving literary devices, metaphors and word choices that give structure and provide meaningful connections between different passages. At the same time, the translation adopts a more dynamic approach when the literal English equivalent would be too obscure or archaic for readers to fully understand. The result is a translation that is both exegetically accurate and idiomatically powerful, making it eminently suitable for both private and public use.
RRP £9.99   ASLAN £7.99   (You save £2.00!)     More info



1 Phoebe
Paula Gooder
Paul's letter to the church in Rome is a theological masterpiece and still shapes Christianity today. The letter was given to Phoebe of the church at Cenchreae, who he refers to as a deacon and patron of many. But who was she? As her first novel, Biblical scholar and bestselling author Paula Gooder tells Phoebe's story; who she was, the life she lived and her 1st Century faith. Open up Paul's theology, the cultural pressures that shaped it, and the life of the early church. Rigorously researched and packed theological footnotes notes and Bible references for further reading, this is a book for those who want to engage deeply and imaginatively with Paul's theology, by one of the UK's foremost New Testament scholars.
RRP £14.99   ASLAN &pound11.99   (You save £3.00!)     More info
2 Prince Edward's Warrant (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton - Book 11)
Mel Starr
Master Hugh won the Black Prince's favour when he helped to ease the Prince's illness. Now, in the autumn of 1372, the prince is suffering a relapse and sends to Bampton for Master Hugh to attend him. While at dinner in Kennington Palace, Sir Giles, the knight who escorted Hugh to London, is stricken and dies. Poison! Sir Giles is not popular, and there are many who would gladly see the fellow done away with... except for Prince Edward. The Black Prince feels a debt to the slain man because of his heroic behaviour at the Battle of Crecy, where the knight stood firm with the prince when the fight seemed of uncertain outcome. Despite caring little for Sir Giles, Master Hugh must once again place himself in jeopardy and seek to uncover the perpetrator of the crime...
RRP £7.99   ASLAN £6.99   (You save £1.00!)     More info
3 End of Days (The Chronicles of Brothers - Book 5)
Wendy Alec
This epic 7-part fantasy series begins at the inception of time and traces 3 Archangel brothers Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer’s harrowing journey from Heaven. Follow the consequences of Lucifer’s rebellion, spanning the conception of Earth, through to 2021 where the brothers are mirrored by 3 brothers on Earth (a London playboy dying of AIDS, a US media mogul, and a president of the EU), culminating in the epic battle at the Lake of Fire in 3099. An incredible series about the war for the greatest prize of all: ruling humanity. Books 6-7 coming soon!
RRP £8.99   ASLAN £7.99   (You save £1.00!)     More info
4 The Road Home
Beverly Lewis
Sent from Michigan to Pennsylvania following the tragic death of her Amish parents, Lena Rose Schwartz grieves her loss and the separation from her 9 siblings. Lena has never been so far from home, and hasn't met the family she will now be living with. How will her brothers and sisters manage without her to care for them? And will her new beau, Hans, continue to court her despite the miles between them? Yet even as Lena Rose holds on to hope for a reunion with those she loves most, she discovers that Lancaster holds charms of its own. Is she willing to open her heart to new possibilities?
RRP £8.99   ASLAN £7.99   (You save £1.00!)     More info
5 The Pilgrim's Regress
C.S. Lewis
One of C. S. Lewis' works of fiction, or more specifically allegory, this book is clearly modelled upon Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, as Lewis cleverly satirizes different sections of the Church. Written within a year of Lewis' conversion, it characterises the various theological and temperamental leanings of the time. This brilliant and biting allegory has lost none of its freshness and theological profundity, as the pilgrims pass the City of Claptrap, the tableland of the High Anglicans and the far-off marsh of the Theosophists. As ever, Lewis says memorably in brief what would otherwise have demanded a full-length philosophy of religion.
RRP £8.99   ASLAN £5.99   (You save £3.00!)     More info


Biography & True Stories

1 Everything Happens For A Reason
Kate Bowler
Kate, a 35--yr old professor, had finally had a baby with her childhood sweetheart when she began to feel pains in her stomach. She lost 30 pounds, guzzled antacid and visited doctors for 3 months before being diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. This is the story of her life and navigating the aftermath of a diagnosis - affectionately filled with a colourful retinue of friends, mega-church preachers, parents and doctors - and irreverent, sharp reflections on faith, friendship, love, death, prosperity Gospels, suffering and the burden of positivity.
RRP £12.99   ASLAN £10.99   (You save £2.00!)     More info
2 Through My Father's Eyes
Franklin Graham
Many have written about Billy Graham, the evangelist. This is the first book about Billy, the father, written from the perspective of his son. Graham's conviction to help people find Christ never wavered. Yet Billy pursued his life's work amid a similarly significant calling to be a husband and father. Most knew Billy as America's pastor, Franklin knew him as a dad. This vulnerable book is a look at the impact Billy Graham had around the world and at home. It is a portrait of the man behind that legacy, what it was like growing up in the shadow of his father's life and kept in his father's love, and the foundational lessons his father taught him.
RRP £10.99   ASLAN £8.99   (You save £2.00!)     More info
3 God's Biker
Sean Stillman
Zac's Place is a church in Swansea. It is a small chaotic community of Jesus followers where the most fragile of life's walking wounded try to work out their faith, because they quite simply wouldn't fit anywhere else. It's also the spiritual home for the local chapter of the motorcycle club God's Squad. Zac's Place was founded in 1998 and for nearly twenty years has been led by Sean Stillman - a painfully shy, nervous preacher's kid - whose front-line ministry, at Zac's Place and on the road, has cost him dearly, including physical beating. In Zac's Place, chaos and disorder sit alongside community and grace in an environment that sometimes resembles an AA meeting mixed with a casualty department. This is Sean's personal story of a transformed faith alongside the broken, the story of the church he started and the European-wide growth of an unlikely bunch of biker missionaries. The thread that will run through it is the `greater righteousness' that Christ was looking for - what can happen when our concern for the perfect performance is stripped bare and replaced with poverty of spirit.
RRP £12.99   ASLAN £10.99   (You save £2.00!)     More info
4 The Midwife of Borneo
Wendy Grey
In 1959 Newcastle nurse Wendy Grey leaves her comfortable life and answers a call to run a clinic in a place so remote that many have never seen a white woman before. Until her arrival, medical witchcraft has been the norm. Wendy quickly gained the trust of the locals, and they began to flock to her for treatment. And when some required emergency surgery, she became an anaesthetist and surgeon too. From treacherous journeys to tea parties with governors; from tussles with snakes to Scrabble with nuns; from illness to love - this unique glimpse into missionary life comes from Wendy's diaries, written by the light of an oil lamp in her bamboo and palm-leaf home, while back in the UK churches are praying for Borneo.
RRP £9.99   ASLAN £7.99   (You save £2.00!)     More info
5 Ships of Mercy
Don Stephens
Ships of Mercy tells the riveting true story of Mercy Ships, the astonishing fleet of hospital ships that sail the globe, bringing dramatic change to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the most impoverished and disease-stricken corners of the world. Ships of Mercy is a page-turner of the highest quality, an inspiring testimony both to the essence of the human spirit and God's amazing providence. It tells the story of a teenager's extraordinary vision brought to reality in the form of a multi-million dollar life-saving mission. It also tells the story of a family of people from diverse backgrounds who have sacrificed their comfort and security in order to perform remarkable acts of grace and kindness.
RRP £9.99   ASLAN £8.99   (You save £1.00!)     More info



1 Lion Storyteller Bible (Paperback)
Bob Hartman
In 2018 the bestselling Lion Storyteller Bible that has been loved by families for years was released in a paperback format. The paperback is a TEXT ONLY edition. (The hardback edition includes audio CDs). For thousands of years, the stories in the Bible have been passed on from generation to generation. This popular retelling of many well-loved stories from the Old and New Testaments is ideal for sharing with children today. First to read aloud with a child and then for them to read alone when they're confident in reading. The Lion Storyteller Bible will be treasured by children of all ages.
RRP £10.99   ASLAN £7.99   (You save £3.00!)     More info
2 Noah's Ark Car Park
Paul Kerensa
Noah has the challenge of stacking the animals onto the ark. But how will he fit them all on? Perhaps parking them in tight, like a car park, is the only way! A fun and engaging re-telling in rhyme of the story of Noah and his ark that will entertain young children and parents alike. 'Moses and the Expodus Express' also available.
RRP £5.99   ASLAN £4.99   (You save £1.00!)     More info
3 The Creative Bible for Children

This is not your typical storybook. Read and learn about the stories of the Old and New Testaments which come alive through the creativeness and activities in this fun and amazing Bible book. Spark your kid's imagination and creativity. With a glittery cover and packed with colourful illustrations, stories, doodling, mazes, wordsearches, colouring and Bible-based activities, kids aged 5-9 will love The Creative Bible for Children!
RRP £7.99   ASLAN £6.99   (You save £1.00!)     More info
4 Little People, Big Dreams: Mother Teresa
Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Discover the incredible life of Mother Teresa. With fun quirky drawn illustrations, this empowering series celebrates the important lives of wonderful women. From artists to scientists, all who began life as a child with a dream and achieved incredible things. The series makes the lives of role models accessible for children, providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world! Ages 4-7.
RRP £9.99   ASLAN £6.99   (You save £3.00!)     More info
5 The Bible Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Learn more about the ideas and beliefs key to the teachings of the most widely printed religious book of all time, in this perfect introduction to The Bible. The Bible Book features breakdowns of some of the most well-known passages ever written from The Bible. Looking at more than 100 of the most important Old and New Testament stories through beautiful and easy-to-follow spreads, The Bible Book profiles key figures, from Adam and Eve to Peter and Paul, locations, such as Jerusalem and Rome and essential theological theories, like the Trinity, to help create a clear insight into Christianity. Packed with biblical quotes, flowcharts and infographics explaining significant concepts clearly and simply, The Bible Book is perfect for anyone with an interest in religion.
RRP £17.99   ASLAN £13.99   (You save £4.00!)     More info