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A-Cross the World: An Exploration of Forty Representations of the Cross from the Worldwide Christian Church [9780857460745]

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Around the world today the cross is, arguably, the one universally recognized symbol of the Christian faith, but this unifying sign for diverse Christian communities has been much adapted, decorated and interpreted to convey particular stories that are dear to the community from which they come. This book tells the stories behind forty crosses from a wide diversity of cultures and Christian faith traditions and sets out to promote discussion and debate on why this single, historical event continues to exercise such an influence worldwide. The book is divided into two sections. Section One contains: Stories, information, Bible links, wondering questions and suggested activities on the forty crosses, together with suggested prayers and words from across the world based on that particular cross. The material for this section was originally produced in-house by the Church Mission Society. Section Two contains: A wealth of extension material ideal for use in the classroom at Key Stage 1 and 2, in collective worship and in church-based activities, including icebreakers, games, prayers and poems, crafts and session outlines for special activity days, assemblies, holiday clubs and all-age worship.
AUTHOR: Martyn Payne is BRF's Messy Church researcher. His role is to visit Messy Churches up and down the UK, listening to the stories of how Messy Church is developing, networking good practice and bringing encouragement. He has a background in Bible storytelling and leading all-age worship and is passionate about the blessing that comes when generations explore faith together. Martyn, who is a qualified teacher, has worked with BRF for over twelve years contributing to training and resources and leading Barnabas RE days; prior to this he worked with the Church Mission Society as its national children's work coordinator. His books include A-cross the World (2004), Footsteps to the Feast (2007), Where in the World? (2012), The Big Story (2011), Creative Ways to tell a Bible Story (2013) and The Barnabas Family Bible (2014). In 1992 Betty Pedley became the Wakefield Diocesan Parish Education Adviser, especially developing all-age worship. She was the co-writer of Children in the Church?, which was published by the National Society and Church House Publishing in 1997. Later, also with Revd John Muir, she wrote Come and Join the Celebration to support the introduction of Common Worship, and this was published in 2001. Betty was a regular contributor to the magazine Together With Children. Betty was priested in 2003 and she moved from her diocesan post to being priest-in-charge of two parishes. She retired in August 2008 but she is still running all-age crafts and is involved in a project for under fives, which is attached to a church in Bradford.
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