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A Modern History of the Jews from the Middle Ages to the Present Day [9781780193335]

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This book tells the story of Judaism from the medieval ghettos through the Enlightenment to the tragedy of the Holocaust and the birth of modern Israel, with over 250 illustrations. It is a rich visual account of one of the world's great religions, following Judaism through centuries of persecution to the establishment of a global civilization. It offers special focus on Jewish culture and society in recent times, including medicine, science, art, literature and music. This in-depth history of the Jewish faith explores how Jews have lived under Christianity and Islamic rule, survived centuries of anti-Semitism, life in the Diaspora, the Holocaust and the revival of Judaism today. In the 19th century, mass migration to America coincided with the rise of Zionism. Today, most Jews live in Israel and the USA, yet France and Britain maintain vibrant Jewish populations, and Germany, once the birthplace of Nazism, is Europe's fastest-growing community. With over 250 illustrations, this is a fascinating history of one of the world's most influential religions, forming a perfect study aid for anyone with an interest in the story of the Jews.
AUTHOR: Lawrence Joffe is an Oxford graduate in philosophy and politics, and an expert on Jewish and Middle Eastern affairs. He writes for The Guardian, New Statesman, The Independent and elsewhere.
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Lawrence Joffe
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