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A Question for Jesus [9781846942341]

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If you had the opportunity to ask Jesus one question about his life, what would you ask? Over a sixteen year period, Jesus' Spirit communicated through Tonika Rinar (a gifted psychic and groundbreaking pioneer of the Mind, Body and Spirit field). During this time many people, from all walks of life, have had the opportunity to do just that - ask Jesus! In A Question for Jesus , you can find Jesus' answers to many questions of his life: What was your relationship with Mary Magdalene? What was your life's purpose? Did you really die on the cross? What occurred during your forty days in the wilderness? Can you explain more about the miracles you are said to have performed? Who is God? If you had the opportunity once more what would you share with us? ...and so much more. Much wisdom is shared and a unique experience and understanding of Jesus' life, his truths, and his passions is gained. You will feel uplifted and your life redirected towards wholeness and peace.
AUTHOR: Tonika Rinar is an extraordinary psychic and visionary, international speaker, author, workshop leader and a world-renowned expert on bio-magnetism. She has been interviewed extensively on radio and television.
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Tonika Rinar
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