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ABC for the PCC 5th Edition: A Handbook for Church Council Members - completely revised and updated [9781472973566]

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Since it was published in 1979, An ABC for the PCC has proved an invaluable source for parochial church councillors, churchwardens and clergy alike. It provides information and practical suggestions about the legal and spiritual duties and responsibilities of the PCC, with an emphasis on real partnership between clergy and laity. The 5th Edition includes many new entries, such as data protection; the Alpha Course; the process of appointing Churchwardens and their legal duties; building regulations; the Pastoral Measure; Last Will and Testament, ... It also carries a new foreword by William Fittall, the Secretary General of the General Synod of the Church of England, a name that will resonate with PCC members.
AUTHOR: John Pitchford is a retired parish priest who served for many years in rural areas and in Birmingham and London. He was a member of the General Synod. He is Chairman and Editor of Tufton Books, the publishing arm of the Church Union.
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John Pitchford
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