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Acceptance & Gratitude: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life [9781619701472]

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The newest addition to the Everyday Matters Bible for Women line is a series of study guides that focus on various spiritual practices. The series can be used as a stand alone Bible study guide for groups or individual use, or as a companion alongside the Everyday Matters Bible for Women. Readers will work through eight chapters that include articles for reflection, Scripture verses, and discussion questions for deeper thought. Each book also includes a Leader's Guide. These books are an excellent resource for small groups, Bible studies, and Sunday school classes. Used individually or with a group these booklets will help women delve further into the Scriptures and meditate on various spiritual practices to help them live fully, every day. This Bible study guide leads women through the spiritual practices of Acceptance and Gratitude. It includes 4 separate Bible studies on each topic, and each study includes: * Meditation on selected scripture focusing on a facet of the practice * Sidebars that feature quotes, insights, or challenges * Discussion questions * Points to Ponder * Prayer * Exercise for the week * Takeaway Treasure * Leader's Guide
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