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Angels with Trumpets: The Church in a Time of Global Warming [9780232527599]

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Angels with Trumpets argues that Christians must find and use their prophetic voice, and face up to the reality of climate change. By worrying about frightening people and focusing on low-level and largely ineffective lifestyle changes (changing lightbulbs, recycling) the churches have been complicit in climate change denial. It is time to recognise that such attitudes are unbiblical and to address instead what it means to love one's neighbour at a time when the poorest peoples and countries are being increasingly affected by global warming which they have done virtually nothing to cause. The underlying theology draws on the work of Karl Barth and Jurgen Moltmann. Barth's understanding of 'community' is particularly relevant to the churches' response to climate change. Different aspects of climate change are examined with reference to the messages to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation, some of the symbolism of the book and its final promise of hope. Although not specifically intended as such, the chapters could form part of a group study series on Revelation. Each chapter ends with a selection of questions that can be the basis for group discussion.
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