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Anglican Women Novelists: From Charlotte Bronte to P.D. James [9780567686763]

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What do the novelists Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte M. Yonge, Rose Macaulay, Dorothy L. Sayers, Barbara Pym, Iris Murdoch and P.D. James all have in common? These women, and others, were inspired to write fiction through their relationship with the Church of England. This field-defining collection of essays explores Anglicanism through their fiction and their fiction through their Anglicanism. These essays cover a range of literary genres, from life-writing and whodunnits through social comedy, children's books and supernatural fiction. Spanning writers from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, they testify both to the developments in Anglicanism over the past two centuries and the changing roles of women within the Church of England.
AUTHOR: Judith Maltby is Chaplain and Fellow of Corpus Christi College and Reader in Church History in the University of Oxford, UK. As well as publishing widely on the history of Anglicanism, she is an occasional commentator on religion on BBC Radio 4 and The Guardian (2004-2011). Alison Shell is a Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at University College London, UK. She has published widely on the relationship of Christianity and literature in Britain between the Reformation and the 21st century.

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Judith Maltby
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