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Anno Domini: The Story of Christianity in the British Isles [9781788033732]

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Written for the general reader with an interest in how Christianity spread and developed throughout the British Isles, Anno Domini: The Story of Christianity in the British Isles explores the progress of Christianity in all four countries. It also looks at how it contributed greatly to the formation of our culture in the process.

The book explores the theme of Christianity thoroughly, but step-by-step, taking the reader through the early centuries where the Saints played major roles to spread the faith and inspire others, on to the arrival of St Augustine in the South and how the mission that followed led to the gradual ascendancy of the Church of Rome over the Celtic churches. It then takes the reader through the English Reformation, imparting facts and outlooks on the situation in an easy-to-understand way, exploring the religious dissent that followed for many centuries until society learned to live peaceably with religious differences. Finally we come to the twenty-first century, where traditional values have lapsed and secularisation has increased. And the story continues as Christians of every persuasion are challenged to respond to present issues.

A clear, well-laid out and thoroughly researched book that explains the progress of Christianity with an enthusiasm that should infect its reader, Anno Domini will interest the mind and inspire the heart.

AUTHOR: Brought up in Wales in a non-conformist tradition, Frances Marrow spent four years in Northern Ireland and has made frequent visits to the Scottish islands. Otherwise, she has spent her adult life in England as an ecumenically-minded Anglican.
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