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Atonement as Gift: Re-Imagining the Cross for the Church and the World [9781842278161]

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Atonement as Gift: Re-Imagining the Cross for the Church and the World grows out of the conviction that the doctrine of the atonement has wide-reaching practical implications for some of the deepest pastoral and theological questions individuals and communities face today. It asks the question: 'What difference does the atonement make for ecumenics, pastoral care, theodicy, gender, ecology, and social division?' The answers given by experts in their fields point to the potential of the doctrine to renew Christian theology and spirituality. This unique book is designed not only to offer the insights of these theologians, but also to guide readers to engage the issue for themselves and to integrate the doctrine into their own theological reflection. Contents: Section 1 The Cross and Reality: 'Where Are We in Relation to Atonement?' Stephen N. Williams; 'Does Christianity Really Need a Doctrine of the Atonement?' Richard Clutterbuck; 'Reconciliation between Blame and Lament', Cathriona Russell; 'The Cross and the Redemption of the Cosmos', Ron Elsdon; 'The Cross and God's Embrace of Suffering', Richard Bauckham; Spiritual Exercise: Engaging Lament; Suggestions for the Use of Integrative Silence. Section 2 Broken Relationships in a Fractured World: 'The Cross and the Reconciliation of Enemies', David Tombs; 'The Cross and the Reconciliation of Gender', Elaine Storkey; Group Activity: Letter Writing; 'The Cross and Our Aspiration for a Common Doctrine of Redemption', Con Casey and Stephen N. Williams; 'The Cross and Eucharistic Sacrifice: A Personal Reflection on an Ecumenical Struggle', Patrick G. McGlinchey. Section 3 Re-Imagining the Self in the Light of the Cross: 'The Cross and Our Captivity to Shame', Robin Stockitt; 'The Cross and the Poetic Imagination', Katie M. Heffelfinger; 'The Cross and the Healing of the Self', Heather Morris; Exercise: Prayer Clinic. Section 4 Conclusions.
AUTHOR: KATIE M. HEFFELFINGER gained her Ph.D. (2009) in Hebrew Bible, Emory University. She is Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute. PATRICK G. MCGLINCHEY is former Chaplain to Queen's University Belfast and Lecturer in Missiology and Pastoral Studies at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute. He has completed a doctorate on the theology of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI.
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Katie M Heffelfinger
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