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Being Orthodox: A Comprehensive Guide [9780281082292]

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Being Orthodox is a comprehensive guide to the Orthodox tradition. It offers encouragement to ordinary Orthodox Christians involved in the demanding task of trying to live a devout life, and counsel to those seeking to convert. It will also appeal to the many Catholics and Anglicans interested in Orthodoxy. The first section focuses on GOD THE HOLY TRINITY AS THE ONE WHO PROVIDES MEANING AND STRUCTURE TO EVERYTHING. It looks at types of orthodoxy; the Bible and Orthodoxy; the Orthodox church building; the nature of Orthodox worship; the dress and vestments of the clergy and related matters. The second section is on LIVING AS AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN. It explores becoming Orthodox; the Orthodox lifecycle from birth to death; fasting, confession and communion; Orthodox devotion; keeping Great Lent; the romance of Orthodoxy in literature, art and music, and why people cease to practice. The third section looks at GROWING AS AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN with reference to the Orthodox Tradition and its sources; reading Orthodox theology, and following the example of the saints. An appendix offers the author's story of how he became Orthodox; the Order for Reception; a glossary of terms and recommended reading.

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