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The Shack DVD

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Now a Major Film

Based on William P. Young's bestselling novel, The Shack follows Mack Phillips as he deals with the kidnapping and murder of his youngest daughter whilst the family are on a camping trip in the woods. Shocked to his core, Mack spirals out of control, questioning everything he ever knew or believed.

Shack DVD

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September Magazine 2017

The September Magazine has landed. Click below to see our online version.

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Grace - Michelle Guiness Interview

When Michele Guinness was clearing out her attic in preparation to move house she stumbled upon a collection of letters and journals about her husband’s Grandmother, Grace Grattan Guinness. The story of her unconventional life in Victorian Britain fascinated Michelle and she knew this was a story that had to be told.What led you to [...]

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Richard Rohr Youtube Interviews

Check out these latest interviews with Richard Rohr.Available on youtube hereYou can find this  title on our website here

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Every Job A Parable - John Van Sloten Interview

We all have a vocation, from stay at home mums to international businessmen, and we encounter people working in their vocation every day - it's part of the fabric of life. Why do you think people often struggle to link work and faith?I think that many have a theology of vocation that’s too small. They’ve been taught that the link [...]

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Much Ado About Something - Larry Culliford Interview

The debate over religion and rationalism is one that has raged for centuries and has shaped much of the writings in apologetics and spirituality over that time. With Much Ado About Something psychiatrist and author Larry Culliford offers a fresh and unique perspective using the principles of psychology to examine how we may develop from [...]

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Summer Sale

Our SUMMER SALE is on!Books, Bibles, CDs & DVDs from 99p!                                                          

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Inventing The Universe - Alistair McGrath Interview

The often troubled relationship between science and religion was seemingly damaged further by the rise of the New Atheism, which insisted that science had essentially disproved not just God but also the value of religion. But there is increasing scepticism towards its often glib and superficial answers; and the big questions about faith, God and [...]

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When Faith Gets Shaken - Patrick Regan Interview

What do you do when life falls apart, and it feels as if God has left you? How do you keep going when your faith is rocked to the core? With his new book, When Faith Gets Shaken, influential youth leader and national speaker Patrick Regan draws on his own experience to explore some of [...]

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Where Is God At Work - William Morris Interview

Navigating the ethical and moral issues found in the modern workplace can be challenging for everyone, not just Christians. Deciding when to speak up, how to manage a difficult situation, how to make good decisions – these are the questions that William Morris, Anglican priest and corporate tax lawyer addresses in his new book, ‘Where [...]

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