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Breakthrough: The Art of Surviving [9781912726141]

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Is a full and abundant life possible if your childhood has been shattered by abuse?

One in five of us experiences severe abuse in some form as a child,* often leading to devastating emotional and mental health problems in adulthood. Giles D Lascelle, an abuse survivor, ordained minister and psychotherapist, examines the issues and shows how it is possible to break through to a place of freedom, peace and joy.

Combining psychological insights with a tender understanding of the compassionate heart of Christ, Giles shares what he has learnt in more than thirty years’ professional practice. An accessible and powerful resource, Breakthrough guides survivors in the art of recovery, informs those who love them, and shows how churches can respond.

*Radford, L. et al. (2011) Child abuse and neglect in the UK today. London: NSPCC

Read our interview with author Giles Lascelle here


Giles D Lascelle is an ordained minister and psychotherapist specialising in trauma. He has been working with people who were abused or traumatised for over thirty years, with Social Services, in the NHS and in private practice. He currently leads Breakthrough, a Christian charity providing access to specialist therapy and support for adult survivors of abuse and other childhood trauma, and training for churches and other organisations in how to support them.

Giles lives in Bath with his wife, Ally, and their insanely overindulged cat.

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Giles D Lascelle
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