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But is He God?: A Fresh Look at the Identity of Jesus [9781842278338]

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This excellent work asks the important question: Is it right to describe Jesus as 'God'? Bringing together all the major biblical evidence as well as drawing on other early Jewish and Christian sources, this straightforward book provides a comprehensive view on the subject that is both accessible and authoritative, presenting both evidence in favour and some of the principal objections against the idea. While it will be of interest to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of Scripture, it will have particular relevance for those with responsibility for leadership, teaching or evangelism in the church, as well as those in home groups. COMMENDATIONS Anyone wishing to enlarge their view of Jesus or share their faith with others will unearth rich treasure in this book. - R.T. Kendall, Christian writer, speaker, and teacher; former Pastor of Westminster Chapel. There is no shortage of exceptional books on Jesus, but David Lambourn's book offers a very readable and exciting examination of the greatest figure in human history. - Lord Carey, 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury
AUTHOR: David J. Lambourn is a music teacher in Basingstoke in the UK. He has previously spent time with Birmingham City Mission, with the Gypsy Church in Romania, with Operation Mobilzation in Eastern Europe and has been a Junior Research Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. He has a passion to see Christians re-engage with the Bible.
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David J. Lambourn
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