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Catching Contentment: How To Be Holy Satisfied [9781783597406]

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Contentment may not be what we expect. It may be more profound than we imagine. But it is within easy reach of all of us. If anyone has a right to feel angry with life, then the author is a strong candidate. Having battled with lung disease from a young age, suffered at the hands of bullies, and, reluctantly, given up her much-loved teaching job, she has plenty to complain about. But she has made a point of exploring contentment. She has drawn particularly on Paul's letter to the Philippians. 'Contentment is something we can all catch hold of,' she believes, 'whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.' This is a message which we need to hear, whether we are lifelong sufferers, like the author, or facing deprivation or injustice of another sort. Or we may simply have fallen into bad habits. We cannot fail to be uplifted, and hopefully transformed, by the author's discoveries as we learn to buck trends within society and the church.

AUTHOR: Liz Carter has first-hand experience of a degenerative chronic disease and a first-class degree in theology, a combination which uniquely qualifies her to write this important book. A former teacher married to a church minister, she helps to lead services with him in Telford, England. She has touched hearts with her searingly honest sharing, teaching and writing on subjects like suffering and contentment.
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Liz Carter
Inter-Varsity Press

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