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Justice for Christ's Sake: A Personal Journey Around Justice Through the Eyes of Faith [9780281086252]

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For twenty-five years, Bishop James Jones has been working on the frontlines to try and create a more just and merciful world.

In Justice for Christ's Sake, he reflects on the work he has been a part of and the ways in which justice and faith go hand in hand.

With touching honesty, he tells of his time as a Bishop and his role on three key independent panels into matters of national conscience - including chairing the panel that investigated the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989, when ninety-six Liverpool football fans tragically lost their lives.

All the dimensions of justice that James has experienced - environmental, social, racial, political and judicial - are vividly conveyed, as he offers up the lessons he has learned in his search for a better, fairer way to live and how the answers might be found in the teachings of Jesus.

Justice for Christ's Sake is a remarkable and fascinating Christian memoir, that offers a unique perspective on some of the most significant inquiries of the last three decades. It is a book that encourages us all in our longing for justice, with insight born from first-hand experience, and will leave you with a better of understanding of events that have shaped conversations on justice in Britain.

Most of us long deep down for a fairer world, however selfishly we may act on occasions. James Jones reassures us that we are not alone and that we can all be part of the fight for justice for Christ's sake.


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AUTHOR: James Jones served as Bishop of Hull (1994-98), Bishop of Liverpool (1998-2013), and Bishop to HM Prisons (2007-2013). He was appointed KBE in 2017 for services to the bereaved and to justice. He chaired the Hillsborough Independent Panel in 2009, the Independent Forestry Panel in 2012 and the Gosport Independent Panel in 2018. Bishop James is the author of With My Whole Heart and Jesus and the Earth (SPCK, 2012 and 2003 respectively).

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Right Revd James Jones
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