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Essentials of New Testament Greek

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 06 January 2019
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For almost seventy years, Essentials of New Testament Greek has been a classic textbook and key tool for students of New Testament Greek. This classic work by Ray Summers, with updates by Thomas Sawyer, will continue to be an effective resource for generations to come. Major features include: ¥ A step-by-step approach which guides students through the learning process. ¥ Clear explanations of the Greek language and how it works. ¥ Extensive appendices with paradigms, indexes, and verb list. ¥ High-frequency Greek vocabulary which presents every word used 50 times or more in the New Testament. ¥ Numerous examples from the Greek New Testament to illustrate grammatical points. ¥ Translation exercises which use nearly 300 New Testament verses, including: most of 1 John, a significant percentage of Matthew, John, Romans, and 1 Corinthians. ¥ An easy-to-read verb chart. Essentials of New Testament Greek, Revised Edition is an exceptional textbook for college and seminary students, an effective resource for ministers, and an efficient guide for self-study of New Testament Greek.

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