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The Church Who Hears God's Voice: Equipping everyone to recognise and respond to the Spirit [9781788932462]

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After experiencing the transforming power of hearing God's voice in her own life, Rev Dr Tania Harris set out to unlock the questions Christians have debated for centuries: How does God speak? How do you know it's God? and What difference does it make to the church?

As the central feature of the Spirit's outpouring at Pentecost and the grand prize of the New Covenant, the prospect of universal access to the Spirit is a powerful but pastorally sensitive concept. Drawing on insights from theology, sociology and personal testimony, Harris skilfully presents a comprehensive theology and pastoral strategy for how the church, whatever the denomination, can hear the Spirit's voice for themselves.

Rev Dr Tania Harris enables church leaders to safely and effectively lead their people into a powerful experience that was intended to be a normal part of every Christian's life.

Content Benefits:
Rev Dr Harris helps church leaders to transform their local church into a place where everyone can hear the Spirit's voice for themselves.
* Combines theology and experiential practice
* Explores the relationship between Spirit and Scripture
* Unpacks the challenge of Cessationism
* Explains the authority of contemporary revelatory experience
* Addresses the pastoral issues associated with hearing from the Spirit
* Scholarly yet accessible style
* Helpful for church leaders who want their congregations to hear from God
* Suitable for Christian thinkers who want to understand the role of the Spirt in the Bible and today
AUTHOR: REV DR TANIA HARRIS is a pastor, speaker, author, practical theologian and the founder of God Conversations, a global ministry that equips people to recognise and respond to God's voice.

Available to order.
Paternoster Press