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The Wait [9781803760148]

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The wait… There she was again, in the corner of the room, rocking backwards and forwards, hugging her knees tightly to her chest. She wouldn’t move from this spot until all her crying was done for the day. This girl in the corner was barely recognisable from the happy-go-lucky, maybe a little naïve, girl who had loved till it hurt…

This is who I had become over the course of a few deeply painful years of waiting and trying for children. In my corner I felt like I was outside of myself, looking down on a mess of a human being

Who was this person? This wasn’t me was it?

Remarkable for its honesty and raw vulnerability – no sugar coating here! While Lucy’s own story is about infertility and waiting for a baby, the book she’s written is actually relevant to any of us experiencing personal pain, whatever it may look like. Revd Canon Archie Coates. Vicar, Holy Trinity Brompton

This is such a helpful book, addressing the silent pain of childlessness and the complex joy. Lucy writes honestly and with wonderful warmth. I’m quite sure that her story is going to bring comfort and hope to many, many people. Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer International

The pain of infertility can be almost unbearable and often very difficult to talk about. I am delighted that Lucy West has written this book to encourage others that they are not alone and that there is hope along the journey. Nicky Gumbel

Lucy has courageously shared hers and Lindz’s precious story of hope and heartbreak at becoming parents. It’s something that so many of us take for granted. Lucy’s honesty will shock some but comfort others and hopefully educate some who are oblivious to what couples go through on their parenting journey. This isn’t just a book for those who can empathise but really is a book to help people sympathise; it offers insight, understanding, suggestions and mostly, hope. I am so proud of my friend for sharing something so incredibly personal and stand with her in solidarity for this lovingly supporting everyone who needs it. Gemma Hunt

We’ve long admired our friends Lucy and Lindz for the way they’ve navigated their story of starting a family. After reading Lucy’s wonderful new book, we admire them even more. In The Wait we’re invited deep inside their journey – from infertility through to adoption. Along the way are many raw emotions, agonising prayers and painful questions. Yet running through it all is a thread of hope and their faith in God – and ultimately this is a redemptive story. This is a powerful read and will help many! Matt and Beth Redman

AUTHOR: Lucy West is an author, a speaker, a singer, photographer, primary school teacher, mother to 2 wonderful ‘chosen’ children, and married to Lindz West, CEO and founder of Light and the frontman of the band LZ7. She spent a total of 17 years on stage singing and dancing, before stepping down to take on the most challenging but hilarious and wonderful part of her life…motherhood.

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