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Turns of Phrase: Radical Theology from A-Z [9780334044192]

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In 40 years of writing Don Cupitt has coined many new words and phrases to communicate his ideas, but he has written so much that critics have split him up into stages, and readers complain of obscurity. Piqued, he here represents an entertaining 'Devil's Dictionary' of his own ideas, with cross-links from entry to entry guiding the reader around his system. Cupitt's teaching is a form of religious naturalism based, not like Spinoza's on geometrical reasoning, but upon the more biological idea of an uprush of energies pouring out into symbolic expression. He points out that the non-arrival of the Kingdom left the early Christians looking up vigilantly towards a better world that was yet to come. Today, people no longer expect any further world after this one, and Church-religion no longer works. It is too inhibited. Instead, we need to work out, and start living out, the philosophy and the ethic of the final world, now. It is a world in which the original spirituality of the 'inner life' is replaced by a new religion of 'self-outing' and putting on a 'good show' - the religion of 'solar' generosity that Cupitt attributes to the original Jesus.
AUTHOR: Don Cupitt is a Life Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and the author of many books including The Sea of Faith, Taking Leave of God, The Old Creed and the New, Jesus and Philosophy, The Meaning of the West, Solar Ethics and The Fountain.
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Don Cupitt
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