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Unimaginable [9780764231377]

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In a world when Christianity is considered 'less than', this is an inspiring look at the positive influence of Christianity, both historically and today, exploring the far-reaching ways that it's impacted the world - and has been since the first century AD. How were the plights of women and children forever changed by Jesus? Why do democracy and our education and legal systems owe so much to Christianity? How did early believers shape our healthcare system? What would the world look like without God's kingdom being brought through charities and social justice? Similar to the film It's a Wonderful Life showing George Bailey how different life would be without him, Unimaginable guides you through history to see how Jesus' teachings dramatically changed the world and continue to be the most powerful force for good today. This provocative, enlightening book is sure to encourage believers and challenge doubters. 

AUTHOR: Charles M. Sheldon was a pastor in 1896 when he chose to preach one Sunday night on the question What would Jesus do? A sermon became a series, that became an article, that became a book, that became a movement. And the book has sold over 30 million copies.
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Jeremiah Johnson
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