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What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage: Unlocking 10 Secrets to a Thriving Marriage [9781780781273]

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Do you desire greater intimacy in your relationship? Long for a deeper connection where loyalty and devotion abounds? Want your marriage to thrive-not just survive? Whether you're about to say your wedding vows or have celebrated your golden anniversary, What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage provides irreplaceable insights and unparalleled certainties to awaken greater connection and friendship in your marriage. Life is an amazing journey-one that should be enjoyed and savored-but sometimes that's easier said than done. Greg and Julie Gorman transparently share their story with an authentic, inspiring flare and reveal ten truths that transformed their relationship. What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage will inspire you to join hands with your spouse, to renew and refresh your love, and believe for God's absolute best.
AUTHOR: Greg Gorman is a seasoned leader who maximizes performance and consistently exceeds expectations. As a front-running leader of top producing teams for over 20 years, Greg coaches and transforms struggling organizations to top performing teams. He's a national trailblazer who assists individuals and businesses to exceed their highest expectations by turning attitudes of We Cant! to Let's Do It! Greg has served as an advisor to CEO's and Fortune 500 Companies. As a graduate of John Maxwell's School of Leadership, Greg enjoys motivating individuals to maximize their areas of strength and achieve high, personal, standards of excellence. Julie Gorman is the founder of For Your Inspiration (FYI), a faith-based organization committed to strengthening the pillars common to every woman's life. She writes, produces, and hosts FYI's weekly National Broadcast, and is certified by Dr. John C. Maxwell as an executive coach, trainer, and speaker. Julie, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Central Bible College, is a prolific blogger and writer, with articles appearing in Proverbs 31 Magazine, Max Lucado's online community Faithful Feet, Evangel, Light and Life, and several other publications. She and her husband, Greg, and their three ch
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