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100 Ways To Simplify Your Life Paperback

SKU 9780340964668
Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 04 June 2017
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Joyce Meyer knows that the key to improving life is to keep it simple, and she gives readers 100 ways to accomplish that goal. Many want a simple life, but find it difficult to actually live that way. They fight a constant battle to balance work, family, friends and other demands on schedules stretched too thin. Joyce Meyer breaks it down to the simple principle of exercising faith rather than doubt and confidence rather than people-pleasing. She writes from her experience of struggling to balance work, family, friends, and all the other demands on limited time to show readers the simple answer to a simpler life. Joyce gives these and other practical and easy to implement ideas for finding real joy: ´?¢ Live to glorify God ´?¢ Let go of what lies behind ´?¢ Choose your battles ´?¢ Don´?¢t be afraid of what people think ´?¢ Trust God to change other people ´?¢ Don´?¢t be so hard on yourself ´?¢ Stop doing things you don´?¢t do well ´?¢ Remember that God is for you. Joyce reminds readers that the Bible is full of examples of God´?¢s provision and His instruction to focus on one day at a time. She encourages readers to set themselves free by realising they don´?¢t have to do, fix or manage everything. By embracing the fact that God is on their side they will be encouraged that he will help find a way to live a simple life. 288 pages

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