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101 Questions Volume 10

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Product Type: Comic
Release Date: 01 January 2022
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Our latest “101 Questions” volume deals with a new list of questions, including one that people ask us about Kingstone! There are some very unique questions and answers in this issue. This volume provides Biblical, historical, and logical answers to: Why did people in the Old Testament live so long? How was there light on Day 1 if the sun was not created until Day 4? How can we believe that all creation took place in six literal days? What happened to Enoch? What is the age of accountability? Does the Bible mention giants? And one that people ask us on occasion, whether the creation of Christian art, movies, and pictures of Jesus are a violation of God’s ban against creating graven images. “101 Questions, Volume 10” contains more simplified apologetics to help all ages formulate reasonable answers to challenging questions.

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