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A Place for God

SKU 9781789741599
Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 15 July 2021
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Where am I? It seems a simple question to answer. Today, your favourite maps app will give you your location down to a greater level of detail than ever before. But do you really feel like you know where you are?

Major cultural shifts over the past generation have left us feeling disorientated. Certainties that we thought we once knew have been challenged. Changes have brought new freedom, but this freedom has come with a cost.

Constant connection has left us feeling dislocated.

This book looks afresh at the big questions of life, the answers to which have traditionally given us a sense of rootedness. Reorienting ourselves around these questions, we can start to find our place again, giving us the freedom to explore and the confidence to know our way back home.

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