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Ashamed Teen Girls' Bible Study Book

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 02 February 2024
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When Isaiah stepped into the throne room of God, he was “undone” by his sinfulness in view of God’s holiness. His response was a cry of despair and a recognition that he shouldn’t even be alive in the presence of such perfection. But then a weird and beautiful thing happened—a terror-inducing angel, through the smoke and shaking and grandeur, touched his mouth with a coal and told him his sin was forgiven. Isaiah’s response? HERE I AM. SEND ME. I DON’T CARE WHERE. I’M YOURS! I’LL DO WHATEVER! He moved from death to life. From undone by shame to a hopeful humility and an eagerness to serve the Lord. That’s the Christian life. We were as good as dead, and the forgiveness of our good God gave us new life, new purpose, new confidence. Unfortunately, a lot of people never experience undoneness. Countless women and men move through life convincing themselves they are the source of grandeur and hope. This Bible study will help people see the deep, freeing truth that being undone is the right place to start. But we can’t get stuck in the undone place. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of the train of God’s robe and the depth of our sin, and we are crushed by how ridiculously we fall short; we never move on to the hopeful humility that flows from God’s forgiveness. This Bible study will help girls move beyond the shame of their sin to the joy-inducing, peace-producing thrill that comes from a lifestyle of repentance and a relationship with Jesus. We were made to live in the light, confessing and repenting and renouncing our shame, because Jesus experienced shame in our place. This Bible study will be topical, group-focused, story-enhanced, humorous, and gospel-centered. The focus of the study will be what God’s Word says about shame and how living in light of Jesus’s sacrifice can free us from shame and lead us into the joy of our salvation.

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