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Banning Conversion Therapy

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 31 January 2023
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The Government proposes to ban what it labels “conversion therapy”, while LGBT activists seek to prevent individuals from seeking any therapy for unwanted sexual attractions. There is a two-pronged aim on the part of these activists, to (a) forbid those taking steps to change or leave particular unwanted attractions and identities and (b) insisting that these identities are affirmed by others.

Such ostensibly caring and tolerant objectives have significant totalitarian potential, along with the neglect or encouragement of serious problems particularly affecting youth.

The Government’s proposed legislation could criminalise counselling, discussion, prayer and teaching based on orthodox Christian doctrine and would be a serious attack upon free enquiry and freedom of speech.

With reference to a wealth of clinical and psychological academic studies, this book discusses:

• whether there really are “abhorrent and coercive” practices being used for unwanted sexual attractions in the UK today

It also examines:

• The evidence so far as to whether therapies for unwanted sexual attractions are effective or not, and whether any lead to improvement or deterioration in mental health and well-being

• The evidence of fluidity in sexual orientation and the incidence of change

• The trend in our institutions for the affirmation of gender change for young people (who may have mental health issues or only transient gender confusion), leading to irreversible hormonal and surgical treatment

This work, by a distinguished sociologist, is an objective academic enquiry into a range of issues surrounding so called “conversion therapy” and is essential reading for those engaged with the issue.

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