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Beyond Suffering

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 14 November 2014
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If God is all powerful and all loving, why do innocent people suffer? This question is the principle reason why many claim they cannot believe in God. Suffering is intensely personal, exposing our vulnerability and making us fearful. It is the prime motivation for prayer and when those prayers go unanswered we feel betrayed. In this book, the author John Harries explores our dilemma through the experience of Job, whose struggle to find an explanation for his suffering has been specifically recorded to answer our deepest questions. The revelations Job receives from God form the most complete and profound teaching on suffering ever written. John Harries explores the close parallels between Job's story and the life of Jesus, further showing that Job anticipates Christ and foresees in him our salvation. He argues that through Job, believers encounter Christ in his passion and discover afresh the gospel of redemption. He offers a pastorally relevant explanation for righteous suffering, encouraging a deeper awareness of God's presence, a growing confidence in sharing our faith and a greater understanding of how to respond biblically to those who question why a loving God should allow suffering.

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