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Bright City CD

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Product Type: CD
Release Date: 06 January 2019
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This new collective of songwriters based at St Peter's Brighton has released a stunning debut album full of life and energy. It's a missionary record: the lyrics point at times subtly and at other times overtly toward God in worship. The opening lyrics are 'Here in the wasteland / Where nobody knows your name / We will remember you'. These are poignant lyrics written in a secular city. Big Church Day Out fan favourites Bright City features Elle Limebear Sarah Bird and top producer/guitarist Jonny Bird.

Executive Producer Martin Smith says the project was about "writing the songs that we loved that we wanted to write and not copying anything that had come before." There's a variety of lead singers and styles throughout the 13 track album. Some of the songwriters are as young as 19. But with Martin Smith's experienced hand guiding the process the result is a very grown up record that will appeal to teenagers students and adults alike.

Fans of Worship Central will adore tracks like "We Believe" and "All I Need Is You" while Delirious? fans will be eager to hear Martin's "Forever Yours". The more reflective "My Prayer" and "One Day" are just as impressive as the upbeat tracks on offer. This is an album which refuses to be put in a box. There are similarities with Hillsong's much-loved Young & Free. Both are pop albums through and through. They break the mould. They make you sit up and listen. But even this comparison doesn't really do justice to the creativity on display from Bright City. While countless hours have been invested in this project the team makes it sound effortless. Third track "Forcefield" is undeniably catchy and instantly recognisable.The team aren't afraid to try new sounds and new ways of expressing praise to God.

Bright City is exactly what the worship movement needs.

Track Listing:
1. Home
2. Bright City
3. Force Field
4. Forever Yours
5. Colour
6. I Will Rest
7. We Believe
8. One Day
9. My Prayer
10. Keep Me Close
11. All I Need Is You
12. Never Let Me Forget
13. Broken

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