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Faith's Checkbook

SKU 9780768471618
Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 20 September 2022
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For many Christians, the promises of God have lost their power. However, for Charles H. Spurgeon, God’s promises were timeless. In fact, they seemed to grow in power and hope over the course of his life.

In Faith’s Checkbook, Spurgeon shares his personal experience testing and proving Scripture’s promises and his ongoing discovery of a relentlessly good, kind and faithful God. He urges believers to treat God’s promises as they would a check—to receive them, endorse them and actively “cash them in.”

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), renowned 19th century Baptist preacher, is best known for his 1866 publication Morning and Evening. Over 20 years later, Spurgeon wrote Faith’s Checkbook, a yearlong devotional that inspires believers to see and experience God’s goodness. Written near the end of his life, in the depths of a season marked by incredible loneliness, spiritual controversies and health complications, Faith’s Checkbook is full of honest, heartfelt and mature hope.

Spurgeon’s breathtaking sincerity and provoking thoughts will encourage believers to: • Study and engage God’s promises throughout Scripture • Expect these promises to be fulfilled in their daily life • Participate by receiving God’s promises and praying for their fulfillment • Glimpse God’s boundless goodness and faithfulness • Discover a renewed, child-like trust in Him

In Faith’s Checkbook, the reader will encounter God’s outstretched hand— through promises of provision, wisdom, fruitfulness, presence and much more—and be invited to respond with hopeful anticipation.

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