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Girl Soldier Paperback Book

SKU 9780800794217
Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 05 August 2007
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A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda's Children More than 30,000 children have been kidnapped in Uganda. Now one of them has a voice. When Grace Akallo was fifteen years old, rebels from the Lord's Resistance Army raided her school. Thus began her nightmarish existence as one of northern Uganda's thousands of child soldiers. Forced to endure savagery, starvation, abuse and other horrors with only her faith to sustain her, Grace eventually escaped to share her story with the world. Faith McDonnell is an American activist and writer with a special concern for the future of the vulnerable Acholi people of northern Uganda. In Girl Soldier, Grace's personal account and Faith's historical and spiritual insights are woven together to tell the story of Uganda's forgotten children. Be inspired by this heartfelt account and moved to do your part in making sure that these children will not be forgotten. Endorsements: "A precious gift from two women, both uniquely qualified to speak for the suffering children of Uganda, one an eloquent survivor and the other a fearless advocate. It is no coincidence that their names are Grace and Faith."--Michael Card, Bible teacher and musician "Girl Soldier is not fiction, yet that fact becomes harder to believe with every page we turn. This book is more than just a call to action. It is a challenge to our moral compass."
--Adrian Bradbury, founder and director, GuluWalk "A much-needed reminder of the suffering and faith of the people of northern Uganda. Both have gone largely unnoticed for too long.
"--The Rt. Rev. Robert W. Duncan, bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh; moderator, Anglican Communion Network "A poignant reminder that the darkness of the soul and the cruel behaviors it leads to are more devastating than we could imagine. This is an incredible account that demands a hearing and invites a response."
--Steven W. Haas, vice president, World Vision International Reviews: "In northern Uganda, thousands of children have been kidnapped by rebel armies and pressed into murderous service. Here, Akallo, who was herself kidnapped by the Lord's Resistance Army at age 15, offers a disturbing, deeply personal account of being forced to march with the rebel army, fight, and raid villages for food and water. Akallo is joined by co-author McDonnell, who works for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. In between Akallo's gripping autobiographical passages, McDonnell interweaves informative chapters recounting the history of strife in Uganda, and explaining the political-religious vision of Joseph Kony, head of the LRA. McDonnell includes snippets from a Human Rights Watch report about abducted children, who were forced, among other things, to kill other children. The authors believe that God is protecting the children of Uganda, sometimes working miraculous intervention to protect them-but they also spotlight activist groups, such as the Uganda Conflict Action Network, who are doing their part to make a difference in the lives of child soldiers. Readers are urged to pray for the end of war in Uganda, to join protest rallies, and to design awareness-raising bulletin boards in their churches.... this is a moving, informative and brave book." -Publishers Weekly Religion BookLine "In Girl Soldier ... Akallo shows how God provides hope in the midst of despair. Now a college student in the U.S., Akallo campaigns to involve the world in helping return peace to the people of northern Uganda. "Interspersed with the history and current events of the East African country, the book's well-written, first-person narrative tells a story that is hard to ignore. Readers who want to help the Ugandan people will find ample information as to how they can get involved." -Sandra Furlong, Christian Retailing "The combination of well-written facts and personal experience educates readers and touches emotional-response chords. It also illustrates the power of faith during nightmarish times that stretch belief in man's goodness." -Church Libraries

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