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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 31 July 2017
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Learn how to hear from God and discover his desires for your life by meditating on Scripture. Godfulness teaches you, and those you disciple, why and how to meditate on the Bible by doing it – guiding you through meditations on the Apostle Paul's prayers. Each chapter includes questions to help you meditate on life's purpose through Paul's prayers, as well as the author's own thoughts from his personal meditation on these passages, and stories of their impact on his life. A variety of Bible meditation techniques are unpacked throughout the book, including emphasising different words, asking questions about the passage, using dictionaries, using your imagination, making verses personal and Lectio Divina (Divine Reading). This book deals with deeper heart issues involved in Bible meditation, such as trust, persistence and surrender. It unpacks the various effects of Bible meditation, for example knowing God more, being transformed, transforming others, growing in confidence, gaining understanding and praising God more. This practical, personal guide is for anyone looking to deepen their engagement with Scripture, or to encourage others to do the same. Its meditative tone makes it an ideal quiet-time resource, either as an aid for a retreat or for private reading. It is written by the Leader of Navigators UK, who devotes much time to prayer and Bible meditation, yet hasn't always lived that way. This resource has been produced by Navigators UK, who have over 60 years' experience of making disciples in the UK.

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