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God's Great Plan

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Product Type: Hardback
Release Date: 07 January 2010
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A brilliant little book that presents the gospel really clearly to under sixes.

Includes 45 colour illustrations.

An excellent gift for toddler groups and holiday clubs – and a way of speaking to parents at the same time. There are many books for young children that tell stories from the Bible, but God’s Great Plan seeks to teach them the great message of the Bible – God’s great plan of salvation. It covers the history of man’s disobedience in the garden right through to Christ’s redemptive work at the cross.

“God’s Great Plan is an excellent book. It is popular with parents and grandparents. It is unusual in that it places our salvation in the setting of Creation and the Fall”.

Dr David Rosevear Chairman, Creation Science Movement.

Size (mm) : 150x 137

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