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Golden Threads

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 06 April 2023
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“The golden threads catch the light and illuminate even the darkest picture.” There is a void when it comes to wisdom for leadership and organisational change as a Christian. Traditionally, material in this area falls into either the sacred or the secular. At worst, this can be polarising; at best, a difficult balancing act. But there’s a better way. A more enriching and therefore fruitful approach. A tapestry of many strands woven together, embellished by golden threads as these pieces of wisdom are brought into a configuration that works: the Improving From WithIn model. Pioneering and timely, elements of this model include Alignment; Climate Creation; Leading Change; Improvement and Innovation; Motivation; and Engagement. Born out of extensive practical and strategic experience with organisations, policy makers and local authorities, this work is gleaming with wisdom that will act as a catalyst for those seeking to bring about faithful and professional organisational change. “Here is a book that is fresh in its approach and captivating in content.” Rev Derek Holbird

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