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Welcome to the NEW Aslan Christian Books Website!
Welcome to the NEW Aslan Christian Books Website!


Last on God's List


SKU 9781915705815
Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 02 October 2023
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This is the story of Jason Armstrong.

From childhood he knew nothing but abuse, fighting and crime. He grew into an aggressive adult addicted to violence and drugs. Time in prison, serious injury and the deaths of close friends did nothing to alter his self-destructive course. Spiralling out of control, he dabbled in the occult with disturbing results. Then, one night, in desperation he cried out to the God he had ignored all his life.

Surely God would never listen to him – he'd be the last person on God's list.

If you do not come from Jason’s world, you may find some of the descriptions shocking – especially where he relates his demonic experiences. But whatever your background, after reading Jason’s story you will see there is nobody that God is not interested in and no problem that is too difficult to fix.

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