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Leadership to the Limits

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 30 May 2020
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Recent styles of political debate in western democracies have highlighted questions about how we exercise personal freedom and who is responsible for how we live. At an individual level, we have seen lives destroyed by hate campaigns while a blame culture encourages us to scapegoat others for our misfortunes. Freedom and responsibility are themes that flow through scripture as well as public life and they are finely balanced. In our changing world, what do business, church and community leaders need to understand and embody? Peter Shaw draws on writers and thinkers from different eras in order to pose questions about what it means to act responsibly in a wide range of personal and public contexts. Chapters include: *Freedom that liberates *Responsibility that delivers * Freedom from and freedom to *Responsibility as a joy and not a burden *Freedom and responsibility in the workplace * Freedom and responsibility as a citizen *Freedom and responsibility in family and friendships *Finding our equilibrium going forward

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