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Living Culture, Living Christ

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 15 July 2022
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Our society is now deeply divided and characterised by distrust, struggling to fathom its predicament and find a remedy. Alan M. Suggate analyses the West’s liberal project, where impersonal science and technology dominate public discourse, whilst values are left to free individual choice, placing them beyond rational debate. When Capitalism is inflated from ideology to obvious truth and politics degraded into populist power games a shared common life and flourishing culture become impossible dreams.

Alan M. Suggate instructs a revival of a humanistic culture centred on flesh-and-blood persons and embedded in nature, and spells out the creative practice of the sciences, social relations, and music and the arts.

Christians are called to be active in the public sphere, to work alongside others to transform society. Corporately they should be engaging in liturgy, the dramatic entering into God’s action in Christ. They should be drawn by Christ – incarnate, crucified and risen – into the Trinitarian life right in the thick of ordinary life, turning outwards to all others and giving themselves within the unwavering love of God for the world.

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