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Living the Conversation

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 13 May 2019
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Want to communicate Jesus authentically in all you say and do? This guidebook offers practical steps to make mission integral to your everyday life. For anyone who wants to share the good news but struggles to bring it into conversations.This short, relevant booklet provides a memorable framework for deepening the relationships that motivate evangelism, and for training someone else to do the same. It explains how to share the gospel using JesusÕ life as a pattern. Each step begins with JesusÕ approach and ends with a practical application. Featuring stories of peopleÕs real-life experiences of sharing their faith and diagrams to help memorise and creatively share JesusÕ story.Whether youÕre starting out, already stuck in or training someone else, ÔLiving the ConversationÕ will give you the tools to connect with people deeply, connect GodÕs story to theirs and stay connected to Jesus in the process. Holly Price is Publications Editor for Navigators UK, a charity with over 60 yearsÕ experience of discipling among the lost. She used to feel completely out of her depth when it came to evangelism, but is discovering that anyone who can pray can be part of this adventure.

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