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Living The Life Of Christ DVD

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Part 1) The Cross in the Life of the Believer - there are many spiritual seekers in the world, and many 'experts' on God. But Dave asks, Who is a believer? and what does God say about man? How can an ordinary human discern truth and understand the Bible? Dave gives numerous scriptures to underscore and encourage believers in the God-given ability and mandate to know and rightly divide His Word of Truth, exposing what is false and upholding what is true.

Part 2) Seeing Things the Way They Really Are - Dave recounts how advances in quantum physics reveal how ignorant man's view of material reality from gravity to energy to light really is. Dave explains that what is physical is temporal. therefore, there is a reality beyond what we are capable of seeing with our human eyes or grasping with our human comprehension.

Part 3) Love, Justice, and Truth - Pilate asked Jesus, 'What is truth?' (John 18:38). Dave recounts how he uses illustrations of truth, justice, and beauty to demonstrate to nonbelievers that thoughts are nonphysical, thereby proving the existence of a spiritual reality. Dave also addresses the fallacy of 'religious materialism' a delusion increasingly prevalent in the Body of Christ today.

Part 4) What Is the Real Spirit-Filled Life - Dave shares how the emphasis on miracles, signs, and wonders today emphasizes power over purity. He recounts how the gospel has become confused and compromised, revealing that Catholics also believe the 'Four Spiritual Laws,' but this does not guarantee their salvation.

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