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Good Call

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 23 June 2023
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Have you ever experienced conflict between what your head and your heart were telling you to do? Have you struggled to reach agreement with others when making a group decision, or regretted a major decision and had to live with the consequences? Have you ever found it difficult to be sure of God’s will in a particular situation? If so, you’re in very good company. Everybody makes decisions – all the time. Are there ‘5 simple steps’ to the right decision? No, there aren’t. Should you stop thinking about it and ‘just do something’? No, you shouldn’t. But could you expect God to share with you his will and purpose, giving you clues and directions in a way you can understand? Yes, you could. Iain Dunbar and Peter Wilkinson share their own decision-making history (even the dodgy stuff) and encourage you to look honestly at yours. Borrowing from the world of coaching, they help you evaluate your decision-making to date and develop new and better habits and practices with God at the centre.

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