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Mindful Formation

Instant Apostle

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Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 17 April 2024
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Our capacity for attention which is the doorway to life itself is in crisis, held captive by the virtual world and media technologies.

Reclaiming our attention is the primary spiritual task of our time and the central task of spiritual formation. This book enables that reclaiming, offering an original pathway to spiritual formation through mindfulness (mindful formation).

Mindful formation is enabled by liberating and reforming our attentional capacities from their fragmentation and the gravitational pull of the virtual world, through personal attentiveness to God.

The mindful formation offered in this book is a unique synthesis of contemplative wisdom and secular mindfulness. Through a mindful focus on God the reader is equipped to reperceive the world, including discovering and inhabiting their own God-given creative form leading to mindful formation.

As well as a theological perspective, the author offers contemplative and psychological wisdom and distinctive spiritual practices and models that help cultivate mindful formation.

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