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Ultimate Guide to Heaven and Hell

SKU 9781087788319
Product Type: Hard Cover
Release Date: 01 May 2024
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What happens after we die? The Ultimate Guide to Heaven and Hell is a summary guide to the afterlife that seeks to provide answers based on biblical teaching. Throughout, readers will encounter questions like: What is heaven, and how can I be sure I will get there? Is it different from the new heavens and the new earth? Will my body be there, or just my spirit/soul? What is hell, and how can I be sure to avoid it? CHAPTERS INCLUDE • Is it Just Hype? How Can I Know? • Geography of Heaven and Earth • Heaven the Celestial Fire • Heaven: Avoiding the Fire • Is Heaven Our Home? • The New Creation • The Necessity and Power of Jesus’s Resurrection • How Can I Know Jesus Was Raised? • What Is a Person? • Intermediate State: Old Testament Evidence • Intermediate State: New Testament Evidence • What Do We Know about Hades? • Did Christ Descend to Hades? • Gehenna, the Lake of Fire, Tartarus, and the Abyss • Death and Dying Human mortality can be quite paralyzing to some people, but the truth remains—our individual, bodily lives will one day come to an end. What happens after? The Bible has much to say in response to that question, and ultimately provides hope on this topic as we look to Jesus, the one who has conquered death.

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