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When Jesus Met Hippies

Malcolm Down

SKU 9781915046727
Product Type: Paperback
Release Date: 03 November 2023
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Step back in time to the tumultuous era of the 1960s and 70s, a time of counterculture clashes, societal upheaval, and spiritual seeking. In this thought-provoking exploration, 'When Jesus Met Hippies' delves into the enduring ripples of the Jesus People Movement (JPM) – a revival, a revolution, a movement – that transformed the lives of hippies into devoted followers of Jesus. Spanning over half a century, from the inception of the JPM to the present day, this book contemplates the echoes of a revival that many believe had the power to reshape faith and culture. Was it truly a revival, a spiritual awakening, or a movement of its own unique kind? Travel back to the vibrant streets of post-war America where the JPM took root, led by converted hippies who took to the pavements, passionately sharing their newfound faith with 'street people.' Against the backdrop of a church struggling to connect with the counterculture, this movement emerged, capturing headlines and hearts alike. Discipleship flourished in commune-style houses, and the contagion spread beyond borders, crossing oceans to Europe and beyond. When Jesus Met Hippies deftly navigates the diverse viewpoints surrounding the JPM. Was it a revival, a term steeped in spiritual tradition? Or was it a revolution, an upheaval of hearts and minds in sync with historical awakening? Scholars, historians, and participants weigh in, each angle revealing layers of complexity. As the movement waned, its impact endured, morphing into new forms, families, and missions that sought to keep the flame alive. Zooming in, the book unveils personal stories entwined with the JPM – a tapestry of lives shaped by its transformative power. A wide-angle lens pans across the American landscape, showcasing the movement's dynamic evolution, while across the Atlantic, a symphony of echoes blended with homegrown melodies. When Jesus Met Hippies challenges you to revisit history and ponder the legacy of a movement that dared to redefine faith, culture, and community. Engage with the spirited debates, immerse in personal testimonies, and unravel the enigma of a movement that still resonates today. Through meticulous research and thoughtful analysis, this book captures the essence of a generation's search for truth and meaning, and how it continues to influence our world. As the fifty-year jubilee of the JPM passes, the call for revival rings louder than ever. Are we on the cusp of another transformation? Read 'When Jesus Met Hippies' to unlock the past, decipher the present, and glimpse the potential for a future marked by the echoes of a movement that changed everything.

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